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Trust me, she’s worth every penny!!

Denise came highly recommended to me and I really can’t thank my friend enough for this. I was pulled over and found myself in a big pickle, I was arrested and received a DWI. Denise not only won my license hearing but got my DWI amended to a lane violation with no probation. I’ve never heard of this outcome, but this woman got it done with her expertise and thorough examination of all footage. 
She’s one of the most thorough lawyers I have ever worked with and any questions I had were always answered quickly. 
Thank you for lifting that million pounds off my shoulders Denise, and I will ALWAYS have her number handy for any of my friends or family in need of help.


I got charged with a DWI in September, 2022. I hired Denise Kirby and she started by calling me and getting all the information she needed from me asap. I was very impressive with how she handled the case and she constantly kept me in the loop with what was going on. After watching the video of my arrest, she filed for a motion to suppress and won that, which resulted in the case being dropped. She came to court incredibly prepared and had a counter for everything the prosecutor said. Overall, watching Denise handle this case was very impressive and I would highly recommend her to anyone in this situation.

8 DUI's

I am not proud of the number of DUI's I've had which is why I'm writing anonymously. That being said, I couldn't be more pleased with the results Denise negotiated for me. I had my license back in 1 year and only 2 days shock time. I don't say this to brag, but to show what an Amazing lawyer Denise is. I was afraid of going to jail, losing my job, my life. Whether it's your first or eighth offense, you want Denise Kirby fighting for you. She is professional and will work tirelessly to defend your rights. I believe her name and reputation precedes her in any court in Kansas City and surrounding areas. I promise, you will not be disappointed.


When I got my DUI I went to Denise and she was on top of her game! She helped me out big time definitely my top DUI lawyer of choice!

Great Attorney!

Denise gave me realistic expectations in our initial meeting, Then, she delivered better than expected results. I would recommend her to my friends or anyone!!!

Best Lawyer money can buy

Searching fora DWI layer isn’t pretty and it isn’t fun. Most will find it scary, having seen Denise’s reviews and her achievements I put faith and trust into her and reached out. Not once did I question my decision after getting in contact. Denise thoroughly laid the steps she would take and how the process should play out. Denise asked the necessary questions and responded in detail every day along the way. My case was not pretty nor was it a easy win (although she made it seem that way). I was pretty much caught red handed and took the wrong steps during my arrest. Denise won my refusal hearing and all charges including my DWI, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle and careless driving were all dismissed. I mean it with all my being I owe her more than money. She saved my future literally and I could not have asked for better representation. A+++ . I will recommend her to family and friends if need be and I recommend if your reading this to trust your gut and Go with Denise.

Denise, the best lawyer in the game for a DUI.

My DUI was in Kansas City, Missouri. The officer who pulled me over was higher up in the DUI Task Force but my situation was suspicious from the beginning. I was told I had a light out in the back of my car when I did not and was forced to do a sobriety test with heels on. A personal reference took my case at first that was a lawyer who didn’t specialize in DUI law. They thought that fighting the charges wouldn’t be a good idea since I did eventually blow at the station. I felt deep down there was more that could be done due to the circumstances and I wanted to at least try and fight the charges. I did my research and found Denise from her fabulous reviews. After I reached out, she was quick to get back with me and was very eager to hear the details of my case. She was immediately willing to defend me and the results were better then I could have ever expected. The complete process took a little over a year due to covid and the court pushing back hearing dates but she was able to win my license hearing last Summer. I never lost my license or received a breathalyzer. Last month, my criminal case concerning my DUI was decided and Denise was able to get three tickets including my DUI charge dismissed and completely taken off of my record. If you want a lawyer that will listen to you and fight to get the best possible outcome, Denise is the Lawyer for you!

Denise Kirby is a Great Lawyer

Denise Kirby came very highly recommended to me and my case. As i was facing multiple felony charges including felony DUI and felony drug possession, her knowledge and experience proved to be paramount in getting the result we wanted. She was able to get both charges amended and i did not serve jail time. I suggest anyone who is facing serious charges in the KC area to contact Denise Kirby because she is a serious lawyer.

Can’t recommend enough.

I spoke with several friend and family attorneys. Each time I walked away with the impression that all they could do is help with the filings and going through the motions of dealing with a DUI. Denise was the only person I spoke with that gave me confidence that my DUI was something we could beat, and that there would be as minimal interference with my life as possible.

The longer I worked with Denise, the less stress I felt about my DUI. That alone was invaluable.

Denise Kirby not only made the entire process as stress free as possible, she was also able to get both charges brought against me dropped; a possibility I could never imagine with any of the other attorneys I’d spoken with.

Administrative hearing DWI charge amended

Very easy to deal with. Listened to my concerns about my DWI charge, took action, and got the job done. Couldn't have asked for a better outcome! Thanks for everything done throughout this process and would recommend to anyone needing help out of a truly horrible situation.

Absolutely Astonishing Performance!!

Wow! Where to begin..... I made some bad decisions that could have potentially have huge impacts on my life and career. I was on on 4th alcohol driving incident, with the last one causing damage to other people's property. I needed a lawyer who would mitigate the consequences so I could get back to leading a normal life. Denise was that lawyer.... From the initial consultation I felt that she truly did know what she was doing. She was upfront, honest and reassured me that she would do everything in her power to ensure that this did not completely ruin my life. The entire case drew out an entire year with Denise not backing down and using her professional acumen to ensure that I got the results that I felt comfortable with. End of that day, I got an SIS (record will be cleared of anything after probation). This is an amazing result considering my record and the accident that damaged another person property. Do not hesitate to hire her, she is skilled, caring, upfront, honest and she is the best at what she does.

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