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DWIs are complicated charges that may vary in penalties depending on the details of your case. While some DWI cases don’t go to trial, many do, and having the right DWI defense attorney can be the difference between serving jail time and only receiving a fine. By reading DWI FAQs, you can understand the ins and outs of DWI charges and their legal consequences to give you an advantage in court.

Whether you have a history of drunk driving or are a victim of a drunk driver, the Law Offices of Denise Kirby in Kansas City, MO, can assist you with your case. Since 1996, we have helped numerous clients facing DWI charges and those who are victims reach a more favorable outcome in court. Because of our dedication to you in clearing your name, we work hard to review your case and create helpful mitigating arguments.

In what case will I receive a DUI or DWI charge in Missouri or Kansas?

For drivers 21 and younger in Missouri or Kansas, if your blood alcohol level is higher than .02%, you will receive a DWI charge, but if you are older than 21, you must score a .08%. For commercial drivers, blowing a .04% on a breath test warrants a DWI charge. In some cases, having the key in the ignition while you are drunk may even be enough to justify an arrest.

What damages can victims of drunk driving accidents recover?

Compensatory and punitive damages are the two main types that drive reimbursement after landing a DWI charge and require proof of damages to receive compensation. The party committing the drunk driving offense may be responsible for all civil damages and payment of medical bills, mental and physical trauma, and lost wages.

Paying punitive damages punishes the offender, discouraging them from driving under the influence again. A victim may receive punitive damages only if there is substantial proof that the offender acted especially recklessly while driving intoxicated.

What are the maximum consequences an offender might face for driving while intoxicated?

Many people are curious about DWI FAQs regarding the penalties associated with DUIs and DWIs. Upon receiving your fourth or subsequent Class B or C felony DWI charges, you may face up to ten years in jail and up to $10,000 in fines. If someone dies as a result of your drunk driving in a case of manslaughter, the felony charge increases, and you may face up to 15 years of jail time and the revocation of your driver’s license.

The more frequently the offenses occur, the worse the penalties are to prevent offending drivers from committing subsequent DWIs.

What factors determine reimbursement after a DWI charge?

If you are a victim of a drunk driving incident and suffer an injury or other damages, you may receive compensatory reimbursement. The amount of money you may receive depends on several factors, including:

  • How significant your injuries are and their permanence
  • Whether a police officer or other witness was at the scene to confirm events
  • The weather at the time of the accident and other circumstantial aspects
  • Any indication that the driver was drinking before or during the accident
  • The amount of damage to your vehicle
  • Who was at fault for the accident

Who is liable for a drunk driving accident in Kansas City?

While the party operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol is typically at fault for an accident, this is not always the case. Depending on the circumstances, the other party may be to blame, or even the restaurant or bar where you were drinking.

In this type of case, a dram shop case, if a bar continues to serve you alcohol after you are excessively intoxicated, they may be liable for the resulting vehicular accident. An experienced DWI attorney can assist you in proving whether liability falls on your shoulders or not.

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