Underage and Juvenile DUI

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You must be 21 years of age or older to consume alcohol in Missouri and Kansas, and your blood alcohol content (BAC) must register as .02% or higher to receive a juvenile DUI charge. The penalties for an intoxicated underage driver are more severe than those for an adult.

Denise Kirby understands the mistakes underage drivers make and fights for their protection. As a DUI defense lawyer, she has ample experience defending minor offenders. When you face a juvenile DUI charge, regardless of your reported BAC level, the Law Office of Denise Kirby can assist you in resolving your case effectively.

Missouri Juvenile DUI Penalties

Missouri’s penalties for underage drunk drivers are similar to those in Kansas; however, they do not have such expansive penalties depending on the driver’s BAC.

A minor driver will receive imprisonment for up to six months, a fine for up to $500, and will face a license suspension for one to three months, depending on the seriousness of the infraction.

A second juvenile DUI results in harsher punishment:

  • Up to one year in jail
  • One year with a license suspension
  • A fine of $500 to $1,000

Facing Juvenile DUI Charges in Kansas

Kansas has a zero-tolerance law that subjects minors to specific DUI laws until they are 21. Upon turning 21, they are subject to the standard laws for drinking and driving and will receive the appropriate penalties after committing a DUI. Under the zero-tolerance law, your BAC must not surpass .08%; otherwise, you will receive the same penalties as offenders 21 and older.

First-time juvenile DUI offenders receive a license suspension for one month and a loss of driving privileges for 330 days. A second offense results in a year’s suspension, and the offender cannot drive a commercial vehicle.

If a minor takes a breath test and results show .08% or higher, they face the following penalties:

First Offense

A Class B misdemeanor results in up to:

  • Six months in jail, 100 hours of community service, or a one-year vehicle impoundment
  • $1,000 in fines

Second Offense

Moving up to a Class A misdemeanor, the penalties include:

  • Up to one year in jail
  • A maximum of $1,500 in fines, not including fees for programs
  • Alcohol abuse program completion
  • Vehicle impoundment

Third Offense

After the second offense, the third becomes a non-person felony charge with the following penalties:

  • A year-long vehicle impoundment
  • Jail time of 90 to 360 days
  • Fines up to $2,500 but not less than $1,500
  • Completion of an alcohol and drug program

Fourth Offense

Another non-person felony, the fourth DUI also results in the same punishments as the third offense with slight changes. The discrepancies between the two offenses are a mandatory amount of $2,500 and one year of having a driver’s license suspended. After the fourth offense, you will face permanent revocation of your driver’s license.

Aggravated Charges

If your BAC is greater than .15%, you will receive especially harsh DUI penalties and potentially an aggravated DUI charge in addition to the current punishments. If you receive an aggravated DUI, your license faces suspension for one year, and you must use an ignition interlock device for a year following the return of your car after its year-long impoundment.

Insurance Penalties

Missouri’s insurance companies take juvenile DUIs seriously and will even drop your policy if you receive a DUI charge as a minor driver. In other cases, you may face an increase in your insurance fees as you now have a history of negligent driving, requiring more protection while on the road.

In Kansas, insurance companies cannot penalize a minor driver for their first DUI, nor can they cancel a policy after just one DUI. For repeat offenses, your insurance company may analyze the risk you pose as a driver.

In any DUI case involving minors, it is necessary to fight hard for their legal protection. Denise Kirby does precisely that when you come to her with your juvenile DUI case to protect yourself as an underage driver or your child.

When you need a DUI attorney with the skill to handle cases involving minors, the Law Office of Denise Kirby is an excellent choice. With her attentive approach to defense, Denise can help you avoid as many of the consequences of juvenile DUI charges. If your child is facing underage DWI or DUI infractions, contact our firm at 816-221-3691.

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