Tailored Multiple DUI Defense

Do you have multiple DUIs on your record? Call us for assistance with mitigating subsequent charges.

While a first offense does not immediately result in severe penalties, multiple DUIs warrant increasingly serious consequences. Kansas and Missouri laws aim to deter repeat offenders from committing subsequent DUI offenses. If you have a history of multiple DUIs resulting in license revocation, jail time, or another penalty, a DUI attorney can help you resolve your next case.

Since 1996, Attorney Denise Kirby has helped clients deal with the consequences of multiple DUIs. She tailors her DUI defense services to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re dealing with your second DUI or your sixth, the Law Office of Denise Kirby will work to improve your situation when facing the challenges that multiple DUIs bring.

Penalties for Multiple DUIs in Missouri

Whether you are in Kansas or Missouri, DUI laws state that your BAC while driving may not exceed .08% if you are over 21. In Missouri, convictions have slightly decreased penalties than Kansas as far as fines and jail time goes. At the Law Office of Denise Kirby, we can help you save money on penalties and work to change the outcome of your situation regardless of the challenges you face.

Penalties for multiple DUIs in Missouri drastically increase in severity to discourage drunk citizens from driving vehicles or operating heavy machinery. These penalties will significantly increase if you have already had multiple DUIs in the recent past. The DMV will also implement its own administrative hearing to revoke or suspend your driver’s license.

The subsequent conviction following your initial offense is a Class A misdemeanor with the following:

  • Two years of probation with regular testing and treatment
  • Potentially $1,000 in fines
  • Jail time for up to one year
  • A one-year revocation of your driver’s license and a year-long ignition interlock

From there, your third and fourth DUI charges significantly increase to felonies that may earn you up to 15 years in prison. For felony DUIs, jail time is mandatory, with the minimum amount ranging from 30 days to two years, increasing with subsequent offenses. After jail time, you face two to five years of probation along with a driver’s license revocation for the next ten years.

Attorney Denise Kirby works hard to provide adequate legal counsel when you face multiple DUIs. Her comprehensive look at your genetic history and other defenses can aid in your protection. As a professional with 25 years of experience in DUI defense, she will diligently fight for your case.

Multiple DUIs in Kansas

DUIs in Kansas have consequences that are just as serious, if not more than those in Missouri, thanks to new penalties implemented in July 2011. Multiple DUIs in Kansas are increasingly severe, with a second DUI offense, a Class A misdemeanor starting with 90 days to one year in prison, and fines starting at $1,250 but not exceeding $1,750. Additionally, you will receive a one-year suspension of your driver’s license and two years with an ignition interlock device (IID).

After two DUIs, when you receive a third charge, the court will determine your penalties depending on the following factors:

  • Whether or not your most recent DUI was within ten years of your previous offenses
  • If an injury or death occurred during the accident
  • BAC level

If your prior DUI convictions happened within the past ten years, your charge will be a felony along with each subsequent conviction; otherwise, it is a Class A misdemeanor. The consequences for felony offense DUIs include a minimum of 90 days in jail, up to $2,500 in fines, mandatory alcohol treatment, and license suspension for one year.

The court will order the installation of an IID for up to ten years, in which case they may require you to pass a driver’s test again to approve these privileges. All expenses relating to these penalties are in the hands of the perpetrator.

Solid Legal Defense Services Against Multiple DUIs

Legal services like those Attorney Denise Kirby offers help negotiate the terms of your penalties when you need assistance after a second, third, fourth, or subsequent DUI charge. With her caring and detail-oriented nature, she considers all aspects of defense to aid in reducing the penalties of your multiple DUIs or achieving another suitable outcome.

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